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NEW Athena Bitcoin Hat! Let everyone you know know that the best (and wisest) ATM network in the United States (if not beyond) is the one with the Owl. This hat is stylish, functional, and a great price. Get yours today!

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Donation tool examples:

Coinbase embed code: BTC donate button:

Please Donate To Bitcoin Address: [[address]]

Donation of [[value]] BTC Received. Thank You.

This is a Bitpay donation button:

ShapeShift's Shifty button enables your donors to pay with other crypto assets you don't directly support:


  • GloBee has a 0% fee and no minimum invoice for approved non-profits. GloBee supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Monero, Decred, and Dogecoin at the moment and can connect with a Bitpay account for USD conversion.
  • Bitpay appears to have no minimum per donation and no fee for the first 30 transactions per month; received funds can be sent either to a Bitcoin address or sold for USD
  • Coinbase Commerce is a non-custodial invoicing tool, so movement of funds elsewhere should be done manually
  •'s Donate tool: You can replace the button image with your own.
  • ShapeShift's Shifty button is limited to the assets they support and within certain minimum and maximum amount ranges displayed to the donor at the bottom of the popup window
  • All of the above donation options have been created with maximum donor privacy in mind, however you can selectively enable collection of personal information for several of these options. Bitpay seems to have the most flexibility in this regard.

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