How to donate cryptocurrency to help Venezuelans right now

How to donate cryptocurrency to help Venezuelans right now

Venezuela is in serious economic and political crisis, with millions of the country’s citizens fleeing to nearby countries due to widespread food shortages and crime. A major contributor to the problem is the gross mismanagement of the national currency, leading to hyperinflation of the Venezuelan Bolivar. Bitcoin and other cryptos are being used on the fringes to preserve wealth and provide an alternative means of trade.

This coin-neutral article by the Zcash company describes several options for crypto donation that can have a real, direct impact on Venezuelan lives. As always, do your own due diligence before contributing.

Why We Love Bitcoin

Why We Love Bitcoin

We all know bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have the potential for major price gains in the future, which attracts a lot of popular interest. However, that’s not the main reason many of us in this industry dedicate our lives to this experiment in decentralized trust. Read further for my list of reasons why we LOVE Bitcoin and crypto.

Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day 2018!

On this day in 2010 a programmer named Laszlo Hanyecz sold bitcoin to Jeremy Sturdivant (jercos) on IRC in exchange for two pizzas delivered to his Jacksonville, Florida home. The exchange cost Laszlo 10,000 BTC at the time! One bitcoin back then was worth less than one cent each.

This bitcoin transaction between Laszlo and Jercos was so significant because at the time, no mainstream retailers were accepting bitcoin as a form of payment. This was considered the first real-world transaction using bitcoin as a medium of exchange.

Read more about the history behind this first ever purchase with Bitcoin. See news coverage of this day. 10,000 BTC as of this writing is worth over 82 Million USD!

If you are looking for safer storage of your crypto assets, Ledger has released a limited edition Pizza Day Nano S hardware wallet. Also, in late February, Laszlo repeated this experiment using the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

Looking to buy pizza with crypto? may be your best bet to find a local restaurant. Otherwise, you can buy major chain gift cards on eGifter or Gyft. Finally, be generous to your servers with crypto anytime using or