Sending bitcoin often? Here's how to get more coin for your dollar.


Do you make frequent purchases at a Bitcoin ATM?

A large percentage of Athena customers buy small amounts regularly.

Read below to see how you may be able to save on fees and keep more of your own money:

If you send from the ATM directly to a third-party...

  • Use Litecoin (LTC) or Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for purchases below $20

    We charge no fixed fee for these currencies, which saves you money over Bitcoin for purchases below $20. Your destination must support Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash with compatible addresses.

  • Use Bitcoin Cash for any amount

    Our exchange fee for bitcoin cash is the smallest of the three at 10%. You’ll save on any size purchase over Bitcoin when sending to a destination that supports Bitcoin Cash (BCH) addresses (beginning with “q” or “p”).

If you send from the ATM directly to your own wallet…

  • Use “3” or “bc1” addresses whenever possible

    Bitcoin (BTC) was upgraded in 2017 to support a new transaction and address format called “segwit”. Segwit-compatible wallets are more and more common these days (we recommend Edge, Exodus, or Coinomi). You can usually tell if you have a segwit-compatible wallet if the address it generates for you begins with “3” or “bc1”. Traditional Bitcoin wallets generate addresses beginning with “1”.

    By receiving bitcoin into a segwit address, you will save up to 40% on network fees when sending bitcoin to your destination!

Example Bitcoin addresses that save you on fees:


Example Litecoin addresses (fastest transfers):


Example Bitcoin Cash address (lowest fees overall):


Addresses are for illustration only. Screenshots taken from the Coinomi mobile wallet.

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