Athena's founders interviewed on What Bitcoin Did podcast

Two of Athena’s founders - CEO Eric Gravengaard and CCO Gil Valentine - were featured in the first episode of a new series focusing on the Bitcoin ATM industry. Peter McCormack hosts the hour long discussion as part of his What Bitcoin Did podcast. Topics discussed were:

  • How Athena got started

  • Basic operation and compliance issues

  • Differences between US and South American markets

  • Challenges facing ATM operators

  • How ATMs can push the fringes of crypto awareness to the people who need it most

  • Venezuelan / Colombian border

  • Typical ATM use cases

  • Fees and costs in the industry

  • Competition

  • …and more!

Our thanks to Peter for shedding some light an often misunderstood segment of crypto and exploring how we and other operators are getting bitcoin into the hands of a very different clientele.

Feedback or want to reach out to us? Please email to reach Gil, Eric, or Athena customer service.