The Exodus wallet is now available for iPhone!

Exodus has been one of best crypto wallets available on Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs since their debut in 2016. Now, Exodus has made the jump to mobile with an app for Apple’s iOS (Android coming soon).

In my opinion, they have produced the slickest, most enjoyable user interface for a crypto wallet I have seen yet, even surpassing their desktop version!

Exodus is a multi-asset wallet app that supports all three currencies we sell at the Athena ATMs, plus others such as Ethereum, Stellar, XRP, Dash, and Zcash. Exodus also supports several ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum including BAT, MKR, ZRX, OMG, and multiple stablecoins. This wallet is Segwit-enabled for Bitcoin resulting in lower network fees.

Exodus - along with Edge, Coinomi, and several other popular wallets - also features a built-in exchange feature for converting one asset to another.

If you’re looking for a new multi-asset wallet on mobile go ahead and give Exodus a try! As with all crypto wallets, however, please remember to make a paper backup. Exodus gives you a 12-word recovery phrase to write down and keep safe.