Bitcoin celebrates 10 YEARS of successful operation!

On January 3rd, 2009, Bitcoin’s anonymous creator—Satoshi Nakamoto—generated the first Bitcoin block (“Block 0” or the “Genesis Block”) on top of which all of Bitcoin’s cumulative proof-of-work has been built. Now, 556,000+ blocks later, Bitcoin is still chugging along as the world’s most used, most valued, and most important of the “cryptocurrencies” it pioneered. We wanted to make a note of some of the celebrations seen around the crypto community on this important day.

Hex view of Bitcoin Block 0 with ASCII decoding to the right. | Credit:

Sights from around r/Bitcoin on Jan 3rd…. Click the image for its source

In addition, I wanted to highlight a video from several “CryptoTwitter” personalities who work to increase their followers’ understanding of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. …or, at the very least, increase our amusement!

Finally, here is a very comprehensive prediction piece about crypto in 2019 from Arjun Balaji covering far, far more than prices. What’s striking is the breadth of projects and technological experiments we see 10 years after the first. No matter who you are, you will learn something new about the crypto ecosystem from this post: