Ethereum is now supported at Athena Bitcoin!

Athena Bitcoin sells ether (ETH) at any of our 50+ locations across the United States. We also buy ether at any cash withdrawal location.

Welcome to the world of smart contracts! Ethereum is the world's most significant decentralized application (DApp) platform, with it's base token--ether--worth about $500 each. This makes it the second highest value blockchain by market cap and one of the most talked about platforms in the crypto space.

We have a permanent page up for Ethereum (under the Altcoins menu) here:

While Ethereum is commonly used to access initial coin offerings (ICOs) and other decentralized applications, you should not use an ATM to pay a smart contract address. In fact, doing so will cause you to lose access to any tokens you may have thought you were purchasing. Only use a regular wallet address at the ATM. Once your ether has arrived safely in your own Ethereum wallet should you then pay a contract address or attempt to purchase tokens elsewhere. We are not responsible for the consequences of using a contract address directly at the ATM.

With the addition of ether we now support the buying and selling of four cryptocurrencies at the ATM:

Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Ether (ETH)

Some of the wallets capable of holding all four of the assets we sell in one digital solution include: Edge, Coinomi, and Exodus, as well as the Ledger and Trezor hardware wallets.

If you have any questions about ether or our ATMs, please let us know!