It's now far easier to extract your Bitcoin Cash with Edge!

Athena Bitcoin and Airbitz users now have a super convenient way to extract their bitcoin cash (BCH) from the wallets that held Bitcoin (BTC) back on August 1st, 2017!

Are you still holding onto bitcoin cash that you haven't been able to access? Everyone who held bitcoin as of August 1st, 2017 was given an equivalent amount of bitcoin cash (BCH). Even if there is no longer bitcoin in that wallet, you will still have BCH in that same wallet if it hasn't already been moved! With each full BCH token now worth over $1,500 each, it is worth obtaining access to your BCH.

Athena Bitcoin and Airbitz wallet app users previously had to extract their bitcoin cash via a manual process that was very detailed and technical. That still remains the only way to extract your bitcoin gold (BTG) or any subsequent Bitcoin-forked token.

Today, however, you may use the brand new Edge wallet from the makers of Airbitz to simply login to your existing Airbitz or Athena Bitcoin accounts and split your bitcoin cash!

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash wallets after a successful split

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash wallets after a successful split

  1. Download and install the Edge wallet using the links on their website. Just like the Athena Bitcoin app, the Edge wallet requires a mobile phone with Apple iOS or the Android operating system. Unlike Athena, however, Android users must be running Android version 6.0 or higher for it to work.

    Android users running an older version may still use these instructions to split their BCH using someone else's compatible phone and then send the BCH to a separate Bitcoin Cash wallet app that will run on the older device.
  2. Login to the same account you were using for Bitcoin back on August 1st. Use the same username and password you are using for that account today. You should see the same Bitcoin internal wallet(s) you were using back then. Those who deleted their internal wallets from the account need to contact Edge to have them reactivated before they can be split.
  3. To the right of the wallet you want to split you can press the three dots to open a menu and then select Split. Confirm the resulting dialog box. A new BCH wallet will be created with the same name as your BTC wallet.

    The new wallet will automatically sync and show any Bitcoin Cash balance those addresses may contain. Repeat this process for any remaining Bitcoin wallets within the same account. You may delete the new BCH wallets that are empty or those which you empty by sending the BCH elsewhere.

That's it! Enjoy your bitcoin cash. You may continue to use the Edge wallet app to access all your accounts or you may use it to send your assets to other apps and devices instead.

Questions? Feel free to contact us by phone, chat, or email.