Edge Article Highlights - 2018


The makers of the Airbitz and Athena Bitcoin wallet apps have accomplished much this year. Not only did they release their completely new Edge wallet with multicoin and Segwit support back in February, but they continue to push the limits of what a non-custodial mobile crypto app can do. As one of the leading projects in the space with a focus on privacy, independence, and ease-of-use, Edge continues to be our most recommended wallet at Athena Bitcoin.

Edge’s Brett Musser has been knocking out article after article of great content, not only about the newest Edge features, but about topics of interest to the entire cryptosphere. What’s impressive is his ability to explain technical concepts in a way we can all understand.

I wanted to highlight some of the best articles from Edge this past year:

  • Stablecoins
    From Tether to Dai, “stablecoins” are in the news this year. But, what are they?

  • Benefits of a Bear Market
    Thankfully, we’ve been through this before. Booms and busts are necessary obstacles (opportunities) along the road to full monetization

  • How to Claim your BSV
    Bitcoin Cash split into two this year, and Edge has one of the nicest splitting tools out there

  • Proof of Work vs Proof of Stake
    Should we “mine” coins or “stake” them? Thoughts about the two main competing designs for distributed consensus

  • Is Proof of Work a Waste?
    Bitcoin consumes a lot of energy, but it’s essential to provide the security and independence we all rely upon

  • Why Edge is Open Source
    Transparent and auditable software takes on even greater importance when you’re dealing with the “internet of money”

  • Mobile Devices, Are They Safe?
    Besides hardware or multisig wallets, non-custodial mobile wallets using reputable wallet software, stong passwords, proper backups, and 2FA (in Edge) are the next best thing for crypto storage and security