Buying bitcoin through

Did you know Athena Bitcoin also offers you a way to buy bitcoin and other cryptos via cash deposit at a local bank? We do that through our online service at:

After the overview is a step-by-step walkthrough for how to use BitQuick to purchase bitcoin!


BitQuick is a peer-to-peer trading platform for bitcoin (BTC) and bitcoin cash (BCH). Individual sellers come to us to list their bitcoin for sale and set their own prices. We hold their bitcoin in escrow and list all of the offers on our Buy page. You, as a buyer, can choose any offer and indicate that you want to buy some or all of the bitcoin from it. Once you complete the order form, we will provide you with the instructions you need to go to a branch of that related bank (or credit union) and make your cash deposit.

Although not as fast as the ATMs, the BitQuick buy process will typically get you bitcoin within 3 hours of making your cash deposit and uploading your receipt back to us. The overall fees on BitQuick are often less than any ATM network, however.

Guide to purchasing bitcoin through

To help our ATM customers take advantage of this great option for buying crypto, we wanted to provide a step-by-step walkthrough of the process below. This should cover most questions you may have about the purchasing experience. Note that the below instructions refer only to Bitcoin, but Bitcoin Cash is also available by using the “Select Crypto” button.


Specific steps are in black, helpful comments are in grey:


1 | Start on the homepage

If you are purchasing more than $400: Please upload your ID first to increase your purchase limit. Visit your profile page to quickly scan your ID.

  • Enter the dollar amount you wish to spend to purchase bitcoin. This can be adjusted later.

  • On the next screen, choose the payment method, if applicable. Payments via Western Union or MoneyGram are possible at $300 or below.

    You’ll be given a list of offers—one per bank. Each offer will indicate the seller’s price per BTC.

  • Choose an offer that is acceptable to you. You don’t have to have an account with the bank or credit union you select.

This is our Quick Buy feature that shows you the lowest price offers at each bank matching the amount you are looking to buy. Your goal is to choose an offer with a price as low as possible, but also at a bank near you.

More advanced selection is available from our Buy page.

The Bitcoin price in the orange oval on the first screen is the current market rate. It may help to remember this or open up an external reference at

You may also want to divide the seller's full BTC amount by the current market rate to obtain the cost percentage above (or below) the market rate. For example, if the bitcoin market average is $6500 and you are considering an offer for $6900, then the seller is asking 6.15% above the market rate (6900/6500=1.0615).

Full orderbook at

Alternatively, see a list of all our offers on the BitQuick Buy page. These are automatically sorted from lowest to highest price, and you may filter by bank/payment method or by the amount you wish to purchase:


2 | Reserve your bitcoin

Once you have selected an offer you will be brought to an order page. BitQuick will add 2% plus a fixed mining fee on top of the seller's price.

  • Fill in all required information. You may elect to receive a text or a call with a verification code for your phone number.

  • Enter that verification code and select the Verify button. You should receive a green check mark next to your phone number.

  • Agree to our terms of service and complete the “I’m not a robot” challenge

  • Click “Buy Bitcoin” to place your hold!

On this screen is where you will enter your phone number and Bitcoin address. You will also choose your final cash deposit or bitcoin purchase amount. (The exact amount of cash you will need to deposit will be calculated and shown to you on the next screen.)

"Your Bitcoin payout address" is a roughly 34-character string that begins with a "1" or a "3". You can obtain this by pressing the Receive or Request button in most wallets. If you don't have a wallet yet we recommend Edge on mobile or Exodus on PC.

If the Bitcoin address you enter is rejected as invalid, that means something is wrong with that address as entered. Please double-check that every character is correct, especially if you typed the address in manually.


BitQuick order page where you can place a hold on a particular offer and receive instructions for making your cash deposit



3 | Deposit cash

We will show you instructions for how to pay and the exact cash amount needed. We will also send you those instructions by email as part of your hold confirmation.

  • Visit a nearby branch of the bank associated with your order. If a credit union offer, please go to a CO-OP Shared Branch near you.

  • Fill out a deposit slip/payment form using the payment instructions we gave you

  • Make your cash deposit with the teller or agent

  • Write "NO REFUNDS FOR BITQUICK.CO BITCOINS" on the receipt you are given, then take a photo of that receipt

  • Upload the receipt image back to us as indicated in our instructions.

    You are done! We will typically deliver your bitcoin within 3 hours of the time you upload your receipt.

For example, if you selected a Wells Fargo order, then you'll need to find a Wells Fargo branch near you to make your deposit. If you chose a credit union offer, then you must go to a CO-OP Shared Branch location near you. Call your local credit unions if in doubt.

It can help to fill out a deposit slip with the seller's information from our instructions before you engage with a teller, but it is not always required.

Just mention that you wish to deposit cash into another person's account. You don't have to mention Bitcoin or BitQuick, and they wouldn't necessarily know what those are anyway.

If you chose a Western Union or MoneyGram order, then you can go to any nearby location supporting those payment services.

You will take a photo of the receipt with your phone's camera. If you cannot use a digital camera then you can still scan the receipt with a traditional scanner and upload that file instead.

If you have any trouble uploading your receipt or you have questions about your purchase, please email