Problems with the Athena Bitcoin app?

Athena Bitcoin wallet app users are encouraged to upgrade to the Edge wallet app from the same developers! You can use your existing account in Edge by “signing in” with the exact same username and password you are using now for the Athena app. After several seconds Edge should show you all your old transactions / internal wallets as well as any transactions you’re not seeing on the Athena side.

What is this about? / Are my coins safe?

Yes. The Athena wallet app is still secure, however its ability to detect new incoming transactions has been greatly degraded. Several customers have reported not seeing their transactions whether their bitcoin is coming from our ATMs or elsewhere. The bitcoin is still technically arriving at the address from the Athena wallet, as usual, but the app itself is not seeing it properly.

What if I don’t see a transaction I am expecting?

First, keep in mind that as long as you know your username and password your bitcoin is safe and can be accessed, even if the Athena app never shows it. We recommend that you download and install the “Edge wallet” app from your app store or visit on the web. Once Edge is installed you can Sign In using the same credentials you are using now for the Athena or Airbitz apps.

What if Edge doesn’t work on my phone or runs very slow?

This can happen with some phone models. In this case I would recommend the following steps:

  1. Make sure you are on the latest version of the Athena wallet (v2.4.12 as of 10/2)

  2. Force close the Athena app or reboot your phone, then relaunch the Athena app.

  3. Open your main menu and tap “Settings”, then scroll all the way to the bottom and tap “Debug”. Press “Clear Watcher Cache” at least twice, then back out to the menu and Logout of the wallet. Log back in and give it a minute to resync your addresses.

If all that still doesn’t cause your transaction to appear, download and install the Airbitz app (Apple iOS / Android) also from the same team. Log into it using the same username and password you’re using for Athena and make sure you see a least some of your old transactions.

I still can’t see my bitcoin!

Don’t worry, there are more advanced steps we can take to recover your bitcoin and get you onto a different wallet app. Please call us at (312) 690-4466, chat, or email for personal assistance.

In the vast majority of cases, however, simply signing into Edge will resolve all transaction issues.