ATM Limits are Back to Normal

Many of our long-time customers will have noticed that our purchase limits decreased significantly in the last couple months of 2017. This was due to the tremendous demand for bitcoin and other crypto assets across the industry. Even with these lower limits we still occasionally ran out of coins on our network; we just couldn't replenish as fast as they were selling!

Well, the Athena team is happy to announce that ATM purchasing limits have returned to normal!

You may now buy up to $2,900 worth of bitcoin per transaction and up to $9,000 per day at any of our 57 machines across 8 separate states! Litecoin is seeing a boost, as well: You may purchase up to $2,750 of litecoin per day, and we will continue to evaluate if that should increase further.

On top of all this, we have added a "Buy Online" section to our website where you can find other convenient options for purchasing bitcoin without an ATM! Whether in-person or online, Athena Bitcoin has options to serve you.