Hurricanes Harvey & Irma

Our thoughts go out to our customers and anyone in the affected areas of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Irma is, as of this writing, just about 405 miles SE of Miami, FL. Hurricane Harvey already made landfall and devastated areas of the Texas coast last week.

You can help!

You can help both in the recovery efforts after Harvey and the current preparations and immediate response to Irma. DirectRelief is an organization providing effective medical aid and supplies to disaster areas, including both Harvey and Irma. View DirectRelief's review on CharityNavigator and see one of their most recent updates:

Donate Bitcoin

Direct Relief accepts Bitcoin and has a specific Bitcoin donation page:

Bitcoin is a fantastic option for donations because it costs the organization nothing to receive (or convert to local currency in many cases) and can be seen immediately.

We would caution you, though, in this time of giving to only donate to people you know and trust or to reputable organizations like DirectRelief via their own website. Do not trust Bitcoin addresses shared directly in social media! These may not go to the places or people you intended to receive help.