New Blockchain wallet / Hurricane Irma Scam Attempt

Warning: New "phishing" attempt related to Hurricane Irma

We have become aware of a new scam targeting users of the popular wallet. The email pretends to be from themselves (called spoofing) and tries to steal information (or in this case bitcoin) from the recipient. This is called phishing. We are posting the email below so you know what it looks like and how to recognize these in the future.

Please always keep the following facts in mind when evaluating any official-looking email:

1. Any action that the email wants you to perform should always be done through your logged-in account on the official website. DO NOT click any links in these emails! ALWAYS log in using the address you already know or do a Google search for the top result if you don't know the URL. Log in only on a secure site (with the lock icon in your address bar).

2. More specific to Bitcoin: Bitcoin transactions are always irreversible! Do NOT send your bitcoin to ANY address given to you by email unless you KNOW and trust the person sending you the email. DO NOT make purchases from a distance unless you KNOW that you are dealing with a reputable company or have means to contest the issue if the other party doesn't deliver.

3. If you are worried about your Blockchain, Athena, Airbitz, Breadwallet, Copay/Bitpay, Mycelium, Exodus or most any other type of wallet, please make a backup! In this case, customers could write down their 12 word recovery phrase if they are worried about their Blockchain wallets from either the mobile app or the website. If Blockchain ever disappears (which is unlikely), the customer can regain access to their bitcoin using other wallet software.

Actual phishing email (minus their Bitcoin address):

Urgent Read! Hurricane Irma Has Damaged Our Bitcoin Servers Located In Tampa, Florida

On Mon, 11 Sep at 6:05 PM , No-reply wrote:

As Hurricane Irma moved towards Tampa, Florida, our servers in Tampa were directly in the path of the eye of Hurricane Irma. The storm heavily damaged our servers and we are experiencing massive loss of data. This loss of data will lead to loss of bitcoins and private keys stored on these servers. There is a temporary backup of this data in the same location. This temporary backup will soon go offline and all data completely lost.

Blockchain has servers located in different countries. Only accounts whose private keys and bitcoins are stored in Tampa Florida are affected by this loss. If you are getting this email from us, it means your bitcoins and private keys are stored on our servers in Tampa, Florida. Immediate action is needed from you, now, before the temporary backup goes completely offline.

All your old bitcoin addresses are stored in Tampa. We have created a new bitcoin address for you on our servers located in Ontario, Canada. You are required to move all your bitcoins now to this new address.

Your new bitcoin address is 1G7n[removed]

After moving your bitcoins to this address, your account balance will remain the same because the address is already part of your account. You will get an email from us notifying you of the successful move of your bitcoins from Tampa, Florida to Ontario, Canada. Please move your bitcoins now to avoid a complete loss of all your bitcoins.

Disclaimer: By sending this email to you ahead of the impending disaster, we will not be responsible for any loss of bitcoins you may encounter if you do not move your bitcoins to your new address provided in this email.

Please move your bitcoins now to your new bitcoin address 1G7n[removed]

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