Got a question about an ATM? Just ask us!

The entire Athena Bitcoin team wishes to thank the two groups that make our business possible: Our customers and our location hosts!  Without one we could not have the other. :)

We understand that cryptocurrency is a brand new technology that requires some time and effort (and a lot of questions!) to understand. We've tried to make the process of purchasing and using bitcoin and litecoin as straightforward as possible, but there will always be moments when you need some extra help.

For our customers....

Please direct all your questions to us at 312-690-4466 [call or text] or to

Our host locations provide the space and operational support for our machines, but are not expected to answer customer questions about Bitcoin. While they would be great to contact about store hours and directions, they are simply providing space for our machine. For ATM status inquires, again please call/email/text Athena Bitcoin directly.

Be courteous to our hosts and take advantage of the opportunity to purchase from their establishments! We are very happy with our hosting partners and wish them to feel the same.