Request Bitcoin by Email with the Athena Bitcoin Wallet

One of the many great features of the Athena Bitcoin Wallet is that you can email or text the people you know direct requests for bitcoin! With most wallets you have to show the person who's paying you a QR code or copy an address string and paste it somewhere else. A problem with this is that you often can't request a specific amount and must hope that the other person computes a bitcoin amount similar to what you're expecting.

The Athena Bitcoin Wallet, on the other hand, will let you set an amount you're wishing to receive, if desired, in USD or BTC at the top and will then automatically craft a full bitcoin request for email or SMS/texting. You can choose to share the bitcoin request not just to one email app but to one of several, including chat apps like Telegram! Press the "Email", "SMS" (text), or "Share" button along the bottom of the screen and then select a recipient from your contacts (or just Enter/Done to continue). Here's a quick visual guide for how to do this: