"Have Bitcoin, Want Pizza" - Bitcoin Pizza Day 2017

Today marks the 7th anniversary of #bitcoinpizzaday. Sooo… What is Bitcoin Pizza Day? It is the day on May 22nd, 2010 when the 1st transaction using Bitcoin for goods was completed.

Laszlo (a developer) paid 10,000 bitcoin for two Papa Johns Pizzas.

Today’s value?

$20 million dollars!

That’s a lot of sauce!

See link HERE for the conversations on bitcointalk.org that actually got the transaction rolling.

It’s great comedy looking at it from today.

This is an open offer by the way.. I will trade 10,000 BTC for 2 of these pizzas any time as long as I have the funds (I usually have plenty).  If anyone is interested please let me know.  The exchange is favorable for anyone who does it because the 2 pizzas are only about 25 dollars total, maybe 30 if you give the guy a nice tip.  If you get me the upgraded extra large ones or something, I can throw in some more bitcoins, just let me know and we’ll work something out.
— Lazlo, May 18, 2010

What better way to celebrate Lazlo's milestone than to order your very own pizza with bitcoin? Turns out there are much better ways of doing this in 2017 than just asking some random internet person to take your bitcoin and call in an order for you....

  • Lookup a nearby Bitcoin-accepting pizza joint on CoinMap.org and Airbitz.co!
  • Nothing nearby? Visit Gyft.com or eGifter.com to buy a gift card to Dominos, Papa John's, Papa Gino's, Uno, and other major chains.

Athena Bitcoin Wallet users may access the Airbitz Bitcoin merchant directory right inside their app! Just open the main menu and tap "Directory" or swipe your finger to the right from the login screen.