HIGH CONGESTION on the Bitcoin Network!

There are over 150,000 pending (unconfirmed) transactions in the Bitcoin memory pool waiting to be added to a block. This represents one of the most congested periods in Bitcoin's history and is a consequence of both its popularity and inability to scale at this time. As a result, please expect that your transactions will not confirm for several hours and up to a day later! Only if you do not see your transaction at all in your wallet or on a block explorer should you contact us. Athena uses a high fee rate on our transactions, but once it is broadcast there is nothing we can do to speed up confirmation times. We will keep you informed about network conditions.

You may use your bitcoin address or bitcoin network transaction ID in the search bar at Blockonomics.co to see an estimate of when your transaction may confirm.


    If you are using the Athena Bitcoin Wallet to send out already confirmed funds, be aware that the high congestion will cause long confirmation times. To send it as fast as possible follow these steps:

    • In the wallet tap Send
    • Scan or enter an address
    • When you are selecting the amount in bitcoin to enter do the following
    • Click on ‘BTC’ next to the bitcoin amount
    • This will bring up a change mining fee popup.
    • If you would like to pay more in return for a faster expected confirmation time tap High Fee
    • Confirm your destination address and amount, then slide to send
    • The address can then be checked on tradeblock.com for confirmation times as well as the current mempool backlog