A note about "Bitcoin Gold"


Bitcoin Gold is a fork of the regular Bitcoin network that occurred the night of October 23rd with Bitcoin block 491407. Everyone who had any bitcoin in a non-custodial wallet (such as the Athena Bitcoin wallet) as of that block will receive an equal amount of Bitcoin Gold (BTG) when their network goes live on November 1st. Bitcoin Gold is a change to Bitcoin's POW algorithm to make it easier for GPUs (video cards) to mine Bitcoin Gold blocks. It has been criticized for having a poor development process and a private premine.

Three important notes:

  • No matter which wallet you use, you will not see a BTG balance either now or after Nov 1st. You will need to find a BTG-supporting wallet you trust and import your private keys one-by-one into that BTG wallet (if coming from Airbitz/Athena). The process for doing this will be the same as our Bitcoin Cash instructions, except that you'd be using a BTG wallet instead. Coinomi is likely to be one of the first to offer BTG support.
  • Just like with Bitcoin Cash recovery, if you're using a wallet that doesn't support Bitcoin Gold directly, such as the Athena or Airbitz wallets, then you need to FIRST move your regular bitcoin to a new wallet before exporting your private seed/private keys! This is a very important step to protect your regular (and far more valuable) bitcoin. With the Athena and Airbitz apps you can create a new wallet from the Menu > Wallets screen and simply Send > Transfer your entire balance to the new wallet within the same app.
  • There is no guarantee that Bitcoin Gold will have any significant value after November 1st. Right now the exchanges where BTG was credited are trading it at over $100 per coin, but that could easily fall sharply before or after Nov 1st. It may not be worth it for you to extract your BTG. Our recommendation for most customers is to continue using your Athena wallet as normal. If BTG survives and obtains significant value then Airbitz will develop an easier way to extract the BTG or you can use the method linked above.

As always, PLEASE write down your username and password onto paper and keep that paper safe! This is the ONLY way to recover your Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, and any other fork if something were to happen to your phone!!

See below for the official Bitcoin Gold website and more information: