Bitcoin Market Report 9/23/2016

Bitcoin prices ended the week down about 1% after a sharp decline on Wednesday.

Demand in Texas was strong following a reduction in fees at Zoom Food Mart. Outdoor machines at Greenway Commons and Willowbrook Plaza also benefited from good weather and attracted customers at all hours of day and night.

In Atlanta, the Valero continued to show solid week over week growth, but did not significantly change the traffic at Boulevard Chevron despite offering lower fees and sitting just one exit east on I-20. The newest machine in Atlanta at Big H Foods in Stone Mountain did not see any foot traffic until Thursday at lunch when a line formed. We look forward to continuing to offer convenient access to Bitcoin 24-hours a day in the greater Atlanta region.

In Florida, we installed two new machines in 24-hour gas stations. In Homestead we saw several first-time users of Athena Bitcoin ATM. At the Sunoco 200, however, internet problems have kept the machine offline for several days; a technician is scheduled for this morning.

Athena Bitcoin use in the midwest continues to grow with strong demand by both new customers and our loyal clientele, especially at Morganford Market