Free Bitcoin Hats, T-Shirts, And Free Bitcoin!

We're giving away free t-shirts and hats all fall of 2016!  If you wear your bitcoin shwag and use our bitcoin ATM's AND/OR take a snap and put it on Twitter or Instagram with #bitcoin and include our handle @athenabitcoin you'll receive free bitcoin!  

To enter send an email with the link to your post to with the word "FREE BITCOIN" in the message field

and then

in the message field include the the link to your Twitter or Instagram post and a bitcoin address.  AND THEN we'll send you free bitcoin!  The promotion ends when we've given out a total of five (5) bitcoin!  

The more creative your post, the bigger the reward!

Don't have access to one of the locations?  Email us and we'll send you some free stuff!

f you write a review for our fully supported bitcoin wallet there's some bitcoin in it for you!  Email us at with your submission!

Download our wallet on Google Play for Android or the AppStore